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7 Most Popular Kitchen Designs In Metro Detroit:

One-Wall kitchen design

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Typically found in smaller homes or studios, the one-wall kitchen works well by keeping all your appliances, cooking tools, and ingredients within an easy reach. Additional necessities can even be hidden behind a sliding door to eliminate clutter.

This kitchen design delivers you counter space on both sides of the range, which is an important safety code consideration. However, your sink, range, and refrigerator still take up a fair amount of counter space, so finding enough work-room might still be a challenge.

In a smaller one-wall kitchen, compact appliances such as a 24-inch range or 24-inch refrigerator can add some counter space while also providing more room for cabinet storage. Using your dining table or a movable island for additional work-room is another common solution for more space.

Galley kitchen design

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

The galley kitchen is one of the most efficient kitchens around when it comes to food prep. By nature, these kitchen designs make great use of small, cramped spaces to feed tens or even hundreds of people. Many restaurants are designed like this with cooks working in a long, narrow space between appliances and counter space.

But what works so well in a commercial kitchen can have some drawbacks in your home. The galley layout doesn't leave room for a dining area, and it limits interaction you’re your guests.

A galley kitchen that is open on both sides (instead of one end) helps you to bring in more light and creates a connection to the rest of your home. A decorative range hood and glass-front upper cabinets also prevent the kitchen from feeling closed in.

U-Shaped kitchen design

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

Like the one-wall and galley kitchens, a U-shaped kitchen design is very efficient for one primary cook. It is a wide galley kitchen with one end closed off, and this keeps onlookers out of the main work area while remaining open to other rooms of your home.  

To address any seating concerns, you can try a pass-through to the dining room on one of the U shape. Another option is to turn that leg into a peninsula by eliminating the wall and the upper cabinets. The peninsula counter can then be used for eating, homework, or paying bills.

Moving the refrigerator out of the main U shape can give you more food and cookware storage near the range-top and ovens. Adding a kitchen island may seem like the obvious choice.

U-Shaped kitchen with island (The social kitchen)

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

Adding an island to a U-shaped kitchen increases the kitchen's functionality as well as your interactivity. Whether the island is used as a work surface, for seating, or the cooktop, you can now get work done while facing out of the kitchen.  

Adding an island also makes it much easier for a second cook to help with meal preparation. If you have the space to add an island to your U-shaped kitchen, there's a good chance you also have the room to let the kitchen extend a bit beyond the "U" which is nice.

Also, if you have a wall opposite the main area of your kitchen, you can use it for pantry storage or a built-in desk.  Some folks still prefer a more open floor plan that allows for even more people to mingle and work in the kitchen, but it’s all up to you.

G-Shaped kitchen design (Maximizing your space)

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

The G-shaped kitchen design is an expanded version of a U-shaped. It's best suited for people who want to pack every square inch of kitchen possible into their space.

A fourth leg is attached to one side of the U at a right angle. Typically this fourth leg is a peninsula because having a wall and upper cabinets would nearly close off your kitchen. Also, you want to make sure the peninsula is not too long so that getting in and out of the kitchen area is always easy and comfortable.

At the same time, don't make your peninsula so short that it can't offer enough room to seat a few guests or contain an appliance… or both. This fourth leg is what makes your  G-shaped design, unlike the U-shaped, a workable area for more than one cook.

L-Shaped kitchen design (A very popular choice)

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

This new kitchen design works great with loft-style living, and it replaces a formal dining room. As you can see this progressive layout consists of two adjacent and perpendicular sides.

It can work for both large and small kitchen areas (determined by length of the legs), and it has no dividing-wall between your kitchen and living area. This means your kitchen could conceivably extend out quite a bit if there’s enough room.

If you really enjoy entertaining, then this design allows for multiple cooks and no obstacle for your guests if they want to relax in the living room. However, without an island the cook(s) are still facing away from your living room guests.

L-Shaped with an island (A flexible floor plan)

Kitchen and bath design in troy michigan, we're the best!

For the most flexibility while cooking, entertaining, and socializing, the L-shaped kitchen design with an island is by far your best choice. This unique kitchen design gives itself to a zoned-approach kitchen rather than a more traditional work-only approach.

This kitchen has three distinct zones with enough space between them to avoid collisions with other cooks or guests when moving around. On the right leg, the sink and dishwasher create a nice clean-up station. On the left, the range adjacent wall oven creates a very simple and easy cooking area.

With this kitchen design the island makes an awesome place for casual dining or even a few drinks; the lower counter provides an extra surface for prep, and the top level conveniently hides any clutter.

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