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White Sinks And Tubs Are
Timeless Bathroom Fixtures

So let’s see some fun ways to pair them up with new and exciting colors schemes that you may enjoy in your home.

Choosing a darker paint color can give you an artistic backdrop which allows you to use very colorful hooks and vibrant colored towels.

This makes your bathroom come alive and you can still change out the accessories to modify your look if you feel the urge…

Designing For A Smaller
Bathroom Can Be A Big Challenge

But creating additional space for storage, or even the illusion of space sometimes calls for confident paint colors, wallpaper, and tile choices.

In a tight space, it's very important to consider the visual balance. Way too much art on the wall or too many decorative items on a shelf and the room will feel cramped even if it is rather spacious.

We recommend you keep at least 40% of the room as negative space; which simply means empty walls or no busy floors.

Consider A Simple Bath
With Quiet Tile And Walls

Rather than a busy pattern that counter-acts counts negative space.

A mirrored medicine cabinet along with your sink mirror gives an illusion of depth and more openness, but this means the majority of your wall space needs to be free of clutter and restful to your eye.

Also, remember that using multiple shades of the same base-color can visually expand a smaller bathroom and give you the illusion of more space and openness.

Lighten Your Bathroom Even Further

Or any room for that matter for smaller spaces. You can choose a shiny metallic tone for a band of tile or an art object. This works well because reflected light gives you the illusion of even more space.

Another space-boosting trick is placing your sink off-center, rather than right smack in the middle of the countertop to create a more usable surface on one side for storage or toiletries.

Remember… the four walls of your bathroom are a box, and you can make holes in them. Making use of the space inside your walls is one of the best ways to maximize storage in a small bath are.

Also, a nearby closet or laundry room can be the source of the space you desperately need to build a new bath or make an existing one even more comfortable with a nice Jacuzzi or hot tub,

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